Whisk mixer, 10 liters Undercarriage and feet in "alloy" stable and robust manufacturing (coulour grey). Removable stainless steel bowl. Capacity 10 L. Possibility to make the bowl go up and down through a special lever, foreseen for this effect, also fitted with a security swith to switch of the mixer when the bowl is down. Protection grid in stainless steel on top of the bowl, when the machine is working, one can shut it down through a micro switch. Control at low power 24 V. 3 speeds (low, medium and high). Interchangeable accessories delivered in series: * 1 container 10 Lit (in stainless steel). * 1 hook (in aluminum for food), dough mix for cakes, pizza dough, bread dough, etc. * 1 palette (in aluminum for food), for Viennese dough, mouselines, cakes, etc. * 1 whip (stainless steel), for mix the egg-white, light dough, mayonnaise, Chantilly cream. dimensions:440 x 500 x 630mm kW 0.45 Weight 84 kg

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