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Coffee percolating machine PCF-S2/F


Stainless steel construction. Capacity: 12 cups in 6 minutes. Manual filling (cold water) of the tank through the upper valve (equipped with a safety grid), tank capacity 2,2 liters (equipped with an overflow device). Ergonomic filter holder (Ø 90 mm), made of stainless steel and equipped with an athermic handle. Spray nozzle for a better coffee infusion. To start the brewing process, switch "II", the indicator light (Brewing) lights up to indicate the cycle in progress. Switch " I " to control the upper hot plate, switch " II " also controls the lower hot plate, both with indicator lights. Boiler capacity 0,3 liter, made of stainless steel. Safety device to avoid dry heating. 4 ABS lower stands. NB: delivered with 2 glass jugs of 1,8 liters. 196 x 360 x 430mm 2.25KW

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