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Coffee machine 2 groups, automatic (with display) - WHITE AROMA/2EW


Version for espresso coffee and American coffee (small lifting cup rest grill). Boiler capacity 11 litres. 2 steam valves, tube and head steaming all stainless steel 1 hot water outlet, electronic control, programmable. Supplied with 3 pouring spouts, 2x (2 cups) and 1x (1 cup) and "blind" filter for daily maintenance of the groups. Electronic machines with "volumetric" dosing unit, control keypad with back-lit keys. Unit made of brass (chrome finish), heat guaranteed, with pre-infusion, solenoid valve for each unit. Automatic group cleaning program. Hot water outlet, for tea, herbal teas, etc... With quantity programming. Copper boiler, with heat exchange for each group, double control probe to avoid dry heating, electric resistance heating, automatic water level control, visual alarm device (flashing keyboard keys). Anti-limestone magnet placed at the outlet of the heat exchange of each group. Built-in motor pump. 750 x 600 x 595mm 3.7KW

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